Pulmaton Valvomo WMS

Store, Welmu, Tabletti or Vemssi, dear child has many names. Pulmaton Valvomo WMS is an agile warehouse management system that is integrated into the operational management system in use.
The browser-based user interface enables use on a basic workstation, tablet, data collection device or, if necessary, on a phone.

What to do with Valvomo WMS?

  • collected and packed
  • received and shelved
  • inventoried
  • prepared

Functionally is built from optimally constructed work queues, which can be used to work efficiently in the warehouse.
Identification of product and shelf positions is based on barcodes, but the system can also be used without them.
Valvomo WMS sisältää valmiit integraatiot yleisimpiin varastoautomaatteihin. Valvomo on integroitavissa myös nShift- tai Cargoson-kuljetustenhallintajärjestelmään.

What is achieved by using Valvomo WMS?

  • timeliness of warehouse operations (on-time deliveries)
  • accuracy of warehouse operations (minimization of picking errors)
  • efficiency of warehouse operations (decreasing need for human resources)

A real life example. Valvomo WMS was implemented in the company. Nothing else changed. While before implementation the number of lines that were late was 32% of those delivered, after implementation their share fell significantly and the share of delays due to inventory is currently 0.