• Uutisia Pulmattoman tiimistä
    Pulmattoman tiimi kasvaa! Rekrytointi on tuottanut tulosta ja meillä aloitti uusi työntekijä, Minttu, pari viikkoa sitten. Ensimmäisten viikkojen aikana hän… Read more
  • Hyvää joulua!
    Hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta 2024! Joulu on täällä ja Pulmattoman tiimi on rauhoittumassa joululomille. Kiitos kuluneesta vuodesta kaikille,… Read more
  • Website as a project
    Today we have launched new websites. They were created by Kaisa Busk. Read more
  • Open job: Software developer
    A small and agile software company is looking for a software developer with the ability to learn. With Pulmaton, software developers can both build new solutions and maintain our existing software. The software we offer are stable, solutions designed for a period of at least years, which are made possible by our long-term customer relationships. Our work environment is not only agile, but also looks like its creators, down to the tools. You get to develop your skills with new challenges and at the same time move forward both our company and our products. Read more
  • Third generation coder: Matias
    During the summer, we have had product development strengthen a young man who continues the coding traditions of the Sjölund family. Read more
  • Tiina Sjölund 30 years as an entrepreneur
    10.8.1992 T:mi Tietotisma was registered in the company register. The company was founded "on the fly", but the decision to start a joint venture has turned out to be one of the best of our lives (Martti's and mine). Today I celebrate the day with Finnish rye bread and good coffee. Read more
  • Presentation of the Turku office
    Pulmaton's Turku office has been operating in Wersta's premises since August last year. Here in Werstas, we have our own office room, and we are free to use the common spaces in Werstas. Read more
  • Finland's Strongest Platinum certificate for Pulmaton
    Finland's Strongest Platinum- certificate is awarded to a company whose credit rating has been in the highest category (AA+ or AAA) for at least three consecutive years. Read more
  • Pulmaton Valvomo WMS version release
    Now it will be published, WMS version "Corona". Read more