Our solutions

Pulmaton Valvomo WMS

Pulmaton Valvomo WMS is an agile warehouse management system that can be adapted to the customer's needs, which is integrated into your operational management system.

Delivery management

Companies often have delivery security problems. Pulmaton offers solutions by connecting systems and automating data collection.

Information transmission

Pulmaton offers an electronic information transfer portal that can read information from any system and export it to almost any system.

Customized solutions

Pulmaton designs, implements and maintains customer-specific electronic services from the beginning.

About techniques

In our software, we use new, but already proven reliable technology. We always choose the technologies to be used according to the needs of each project.

In a large part of the solutions, we use the Ruby on Rails software framework, which enables an efficient and agile software development process without unnecessary intermediate steps. For the program's data layer, we can choose both SQL and NoSQL databases, depending on the nature of the data to be stored and its usage needs. The user interface of the software can be integrated or it can be completely separated from the program logic and the database.

The software can be installed on cloud services as well as on virtual servers. Cloud services are a particularly easy solution for our customers when the company does not have its own separate IT department.